How to Overcome Jealousy in a Relationship?

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How to Overcome Jealousy in a Relationship?

Relationships often lead to complex dynamics between men and women. The best ones out there are those that can successfully overcome the complexity easily. It may seem like an impossible feat if you are dealing with a lot of jealousy and anger in a relationship. You would see that everything is falling apart and quickly spiraling out of control. You may be looking for quick fixes, but there are none in a relationship. It takes time, perseverance, and a lot of commitment to get on the right footing with your partner.



Jealousy is a common issue. It tends to ruin feelings and put you on the wrong side of the other person. You become prone to see the faults only in another person rather than invest your thoughts in goodness. To be successful in a relationship, you must overcome jealous thoughts. It may not be easy because envy is often hardwired in the brain. Still, it is worth a try. 

Avoid feeling Intimidated

Feeling intimidated is a curse! Ideally, men and women should be on equal terms. However, a lot of men feel intimidated when they meet up with Birmingham escorts. They feel lagging on sex, looks, money, and other factors. You may realize that comparing is the root cause of such a problem. Most men are automatically prone to comparing. They simply can’t help it!

That said, jealousy will never leave you as long as you are engaged in such an attitude. At some point, you have to open up to the realization that being envious is bad and that you can do better without it.


You need to focus on your individual attributes primarily. Invest your time in self-improvement. Your insistence should be exclusive and personal and not reliant on being like someone else. Emulating a hero has its pitfalls. It’s often known as the phenomenon of false God worship.



You set out a God-figure in front of you at your convenience and deny your own existence completely.  Such an attitude of hero-worship naturally keeps you feeling low all the time. That is because you become extremely prone to comparing. Your relationship with the Mumbai call girls is intimately affected by such an attitude.  

Psychological Reason of Male Envy


Psychologists point out an interesting aspect of male envy. According to Freudian analysis, such feelings are evoked by a stature of comparison of sexual performance. A typical male is thus inherently beset with penis envy. He can’t help comparing his ability of sexual performance with the other man. This is the reason why he becomes confrontational with the girl. At the core, one man cannot accept the fact that the girl of his liking prefers another man’s penis to his!

Such kinds of thoughts breed complex issues in men. First and foremost, you will develop an unhealthy obsession with the sex of other men. You may become so obsessed that becoming a gay man will seem to be the truth of your life. You would also feel a constant gnawing sense of inadequacy and a loss of personality in the presence of other men and women.


To overcome such feelings, you should again focus on self-improvement more than anything else. Rely on yourself to grow your personality. Also, you should stop misjudging the escorts in Melbourne completely.  


Envy can be overcome with love. When you truly love a woman, you learn to respect her independence. At the same time, you become so assured of your position in her life that you do not think of other men at all. You become self-assured and confident. Your focus shifts to the heart as you avoid comparing with other men.